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Our service to humanity is to restore balance and introduce you to your light. Our volunteer healers are dedicated to aligning purely with source to facilitate the restoration of balance and to stimulate your light.  We are first light-bearers and secondly humans living lives in form to experience the spark of manifestation and the life it offers. As we endeavor to serve highest good in all moments we avail ourselves to you when balance and light is needed.


Lightshare Center is moving to a larger facility in October!

We will have the space for our programs, clinics and classes in one location and we are very excited about this prospect. 

Please help us with the launch of our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign for non-profits!  We will launch our campaign before the end of August and need your help to reach 30% of our fundraising goal within the first week in order to meet our campaign goal for funding.

Please use your social media networks and other mediums of communication to pass our invitation to support Lightshare on to those who may or may not have heard of us.  

Thank you for reminding newcomers to the Lightshare service that we serve all of humanity with balance and light through our free programs every week of each year for the past 12 years! 




Lightshare Launches Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

Lightshare is moving to a brand new space that will be dedicated to providing all of the free services of Lightshare...